YOU&ME are individually moulded glass kidneys, naturally-sized and with a special matt finish. They act as magnifying glasses. The idea is that your own words or a special name or photo can be placed under the glass, as a memento.

Pamela Lindgren has created these hand casted glass kidneys specially for the Swedish Kidney Association. The glass kidneys are produced in Sweden.

The glass kidneys are available on sale in clear glass and frosted glass, the clear glass with magnifying-glass effect. Their dimensions are 9 x 5 x 3 cm (length, breadth, height), about the size of a hand. They are sold under the Swedish Kidney Association Trademark You & Me.

The perfect present! Give somebody dear to you a handmade glass kidney and at the same time give your support to the Swedish Kidney Association! Purchase here; Swedish Kidney Association webshop